Chrissie and I both wanted to develop our already tried and tested ways of working. Our practice does overlap here and there and we both find that there is a common interest in creating objects but also the need to photograph them, and thinking in turn about what the actual outcome is - the thing or the image?
To move things on we spent some time gathering as much scrap material as possible from friend's workshop bins. The idea was to work in a similar way to our smaller kit of parts, but this time play on a bigger scale.

The nicest thing was to come to these pieces as an outsider given they already had a bit of a history - a joint that had gone wrong, an offcut from a more important shape. A bit like a puzzle to be made sense of in material terms alone.

Although we decided we wanted to create structures/figures, I instinctively wanted to arrange the pieces according to material, colour, shape etc. It would become something else to have gone down that route in this context, but something to explore another time.