new friends

Our final line up.

The way I approached it was not to have an idea of a 'body' but more about making nice combinations of the materials we found. Some were simple, some more complex. Floating shapes within the entire composition and areas of detail.

I was really interested in walking the line between figuration and abstraction - to keep things semi-recognisable while not giving in to the point when it 'becomes' something else.
We had an idea that they would be viewed from all sides, so when construction started, it was interesting to work on one area, and then walk around it to see what happened with the decisions you just made on the other side. I don't think my set are particularly 3dimensional in this respect - they are all quite flat on all sides.

Although i wanted to refrain from anything too figurative, i couldn't resist with this one.
Again, the placement of features/bodily bits move around so that there is never one definitive reading. If the triangle is a hat, then the circles are eyes, but it the triangle is a head then the circles are breasts etc.

A snippet of our catalogue contribution featured on It's Nice That.