one year

A year has passed. A busy year.
Here is a little update. More, I hope, to follow.

I was involved in the last 2 incarnations of Fashionplay.
Firstly, the Fashionshop at Stockholm's Arkitekturmuseet, in February this year.

In collaboration with Pernilla Rozenberg (Purple Rinse), we started up a process of creating garments to act as a physical dialogue between us. We printed, stitched or manipulated the pieces in some way individually, then handed it over to work on in respectful response. Or to collide with what the other had already made.  It was a way to extract ideas and reactions that may not have been made alone, taking away the theory to alter the decision-making.

The show travelled to Motala Konsthall, and in this instance, we made another 2 garments with the same conditions.

There is a rumour that we will show all of the garments in a new installation in Stockholm sometime before the end of the year.