I created this interactive installation for the event Does it fit? at Norrköpings Konstmuseum in Sweden.
With Make_Shape I wanted to encourage the public to test and try these objects on their body; some shapes were more obvious in how they could be applied than others.

It was interesting to see how people reacted to the idea and also how, in many cases, they approached something made in wood or papier-mâché as they might a dress or a necklace - did it suit them/their personality etc. There was a definite desire to create 'a look'.

I was much more into how these shapes could abstract, confine or manipulate the body and limbs. To overtake and dictate some kind of stance or posture. Boys seemed to like to become make shift superheroes.

I also like the idea of documenting the permutations of any given combination. And creating some sort of object/sculpture/background/foreground/body/clothing combo.

The installation itself was ever changing with shapes being worn and then placed in new positions constantly.
Will re-visit all of this again soon.