Taken one day when I and 2 colleagues turned up to work in a very similar uniform. Was interesting to see how the stripes changed when I uploaded it from my phone to computer screen. This led to a project investigating moiré patterns.

As part of the research, I came across lots of advice on what to/not to wear on TV, considering pattern, contrast etc and how to avoid wobbly lines on your tie and so on. (I also learned that 'you shouldn't have a moustache if you plan on doing a lot of TV', and that 'if you are smeared, smile and shake your head').

The Countdown rule-breakers.

Playing around on-screen with a stripey vest. I guess the thing I like with this is that the stripes/screen relationship produces other stripes of various proportions, distortion and checks.

And then, taking the vest and rotating it 360degrees to see the slight variations and breaks in the stripes.