Fashion Play

Recently, I was invited by Fashionplay to take part in Stockholm's Modevandring 2010.
Translated as Fashion Walk, the event is a platform for "creators who work in the borderlands between fashion and art".
More images and explanation of work produced for it soon, but first a note about the context in which this event exists.

Fashionplay's agenda is to create and
actively promote some kind of visible presence and seek critical discourse for fashion in Sweden. This was the main aim of the seminar Fashion Art New Roads, where I was invited as a guest speaker along with Helle Mardahl, Lars Holmberg and Ingrid Giertz MÃ¥rtenson.
Some really interesting discussion came out of the talks and as a newcomer to Stockholm, it gave me a good insight into how people feel about the limitations of labels, lack of knowledge or understanding in the press, the academic theory that's missing at education level and very little financial support or initiatives for practitioners who work in a much broader framework than within
what is understood to be 'fashion' at this time. (The exhibition Swedish Fashion: Exploring a New Identity dealt with all of this too but I'll save that for another time).